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Dickies Backpacks

C.N. Williamson and E.E. "Colonel" Dickie began their business careers in the "vehicle and harness" business in Bryan, Texas. In 1918, they and a few friends established the U.S. Overall Company. Then, in 1922, C. Don Williamson joined with his father and cousin to buy 100% of the overall company on a one-third-each basis and renamed it Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company.

From its early years, Williamson-Dickie enjoyed steady growth which was slowed only by the Great Depression, and during World War II, the company produced millions of uniforms for the nation's armed forces. In converting to civilian production after the war, C. Don Williamson began a strategy of geographical expansion and established new production facilities, warehouses, and sales territories throughout the United States. In the late 1950s, Williamson-Dickie became an international company by expanding into the European market and the Middle Eastern market - where Texas oilmen introduced the Dickies brand to Middle Eastern oil fields.

Dickies is currently sold in all 50 states and throughout the world in countries such as Canada, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Chile, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Iceland, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Poland and Mexico.

Aquarius Ltd.

It was the dawn of a new age, the death of an old one.  Everything seemed to be changing as the 1960s came to a close.  And that turbulence provided fertile ground for a one-man enterprise called Aquarius Ltd.  Working out of its founder’s garage, Aquarius Ltd. incorporated as a manufacturer and wholesaler of leather watchbands in 1969.  Two years later, the St. Louis-based company turned its skill and creativity to the manufacturing of belts. 

As our reach and success grew, Aquarius Ltd. expanded into cold weather products with the 1980 acquisition of Chicago-based children’s accessory company, Witmor Inc.  Further driving growth, the company began manufacturing licensed products in 1989. 

From a garage in St. Louis to the showrooms of New York, Los Angeles, Taipei, and Shanghai, Aquarius Ltd. has grown into one of the country’s largest suppliers of accessories for men, women, and children.  Today’s AQ sells licensed, company owned brands and private label to almost every major retailer in the United States, as well as hundreds of specialty stores.  Each division has its own dedicated team of sales, design, and merchandising staff.  And with warehouses in St. Louis and LA, AQ is well positioned for continuing growth and success.