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Farm Boy Farm Girl - Fall Winter 2017 - KIDS


Founded in 1996

Farm Boy® and Farm Girl® brands celebrate the pride of farming with trend right merchandise.

Knee Deep & Lovin It™

Founders Dan Adamson and Brian Goldenman are both former farm boys from the Midwest who sought a way to demonstrate their fond attachment to their upbringing.

Adamson, an award-winning retail designer and Goldenman, with a rich sales background, set out to capture the pride & nostalgia of the farming lifestyle, and in 1996 the seeds for Farm Boy® and Farm Girl® brands were planted.

Warm memories of hide and seek in the corn, collecting eggs, frogging, secret forts, playing on the tire swing, nesting ducks, kittens in the barn, baling hay, crisp fresh air and barnyard smells provided ample inspiration.

In a stand-out debut near the animal barns at the Minnesota State Fair, the brands were greeted with appreciation and excitement. The response was infectious and confirmed their gut feeling that Farm Boy® and Farm Girl® brands were welcomed and worn as a badge of honor.

Since the very beginning, in every way and in every design, Farm Boy® and Farm Girl® brands continue to celebrate the special relationship we share with our customers – whether you’re from the farm or far beyond the back fence.